Why Your Lawn Needs Routine Lawn Mowing Services


Without routine lawn mowing services, your lawn's health can suffer. Grass blades should never be cut more than 1/3 of their total height, and if the grass gets too tall, this will affect it. The reason we use the 1/3 rule when we cut lawns is because that is the height at which your grass blades achieve maximum benefits from the photosynthesis process.

Routine mowing also helps to remove any debris that may build up on your lawn. Yard debris can block your grass from accessing sunlight, water, and air, and it can also provide a haven for lawn insects. Our mowers will mulch up any debris so that it can decompose easily into your soil.

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The team at Wingate Landscape offers top-notch lawn mowing and maintenance services that help keep your curb appeal up and leave your yard looking fantastic every time. If you're a homeowner or business owner in need of routine lawn mowing or other maintenance tasks, then give us a call today at 210-909-8929 or submit our online form and one of our staff will contact you shortly!

Why Lawn Care

Chances are you’ve had some experience with lawn care in the past.

You might have been encouraged, against your will, to mow your parent’s lawn as a child, pull weeds, or trim the bushes.

All of those activities are lawn care, but they one thing you might have missed as a child is that lawn care is much more than mowing your lawn weekly or weeding the garden or flowerbed.

Lawn care is actually a complex process of preparing, cultivating, and protecting your lawn so that it looks beautiful no matter what season it is.

Some of the most important times for lawn care are in the fall and the beginning of winter.

In addition, lawn care includes things like lawn fertilization and aeration, and no matter how much time you spend on your lawn, chances are it won’t live up to its full potential without pest control. 

Weed Control

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If your home has rodents, HHI Pest and Lawn is here to help. We understand the frustration of unwelcome furry guests crawling around in your walls. Our pest control and exclusion methods are designed with you in mind. A happy home is one that is free of rodents and is protected by HHI.

Sometimes pests are a nuisance, and at other times they are destructive to your home. Whether it's carpenter ants burrowing through your wood or an infestation of fruit flies, HHI Pest and Lawn has the plan for you. We don't just copy and paste solutions to problems. We design the perfect solution for each individual situation, making sure our customers receive the exact services for which they have paid. At the end of the day you are most important to us, nothing else. We would not do what we do if we didn't care.

At HHI Pest and Lawn Services, we provide treatments for a wide variety of San Antonio and South Texas pests. them gone in no time. Want to reduce

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