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Reliable & Effective Pest Control Solutions For San Antonio Homeowners

When you find bugs crawling in your house or rodents in your cupboards, who should you call? Who has the experience, quality maintenance, and knowledge needed to create a pest-free home and keep it that way? The answer to all of these questions is HHI Pest and Lawn! When you partner with us at HHI Pest and Lawn, you become a part of our pest control family!

Our Promise To You

Here at HHI Pest and Lawn, we understand the frustration of dealing with invasive pests in and around your home and have walked beside families and seen them freed from the stress brought on by these pests. It's why we do what we do and offer the services we offer! When you hire us to protect your home, you don't just get the highest quality service money can buy, you are given a guarantee; no matter how big the problem, no matter how invasive the pest, we will solve it!

At HHI Pest and Lawn Services, our customers matter to us which is why we offer free inspections and a promise; if your pest problem is not fully solved when we leave, we will return and finish the job at no additional cost to you. We aren't in the pest business for the money, we are in it for people in need, like you.

Our top-of-the-line pest control services include:

  • Free inspections for pest activity

  • Effective pest exclusion tactics

  • Targeted pest treatments


A typical visit from HHI Pest and Lawn starts with a free inspection; our inspections involve an HHI Professional personally evaluating your property for signs of pest activity. If any uninvited guests are discovered, our next move will be to remove those pests from your home quickly and efficiently. Finally, when your home has been deemed pest-free by our experts, we will put safeguards in place to keep those Pesky Pests, cockroaches, rodents, wildlife, and many more from returning.

Our Home Pest Control Options

If your home has rodents, HHI Pest and Lawn is here to help. We understand the frustration of unwelcome furry guests crawling around in your walls. Our pest control and exclusion methods are designed with you in mind. A happy home is one that is free of rodents and is protected by HHI.

Sometimes pests are a nuisance, and at other times they are destructive to your home. Whether it's carpenter ants burrowing through your wood or an infestation of fruit flies, HHI Pest and Lawn has the plan for you. We don't just copy and paste solutions to problems. We design the perfect solution for each


individual situation, making sure our customers receive the exact services for which they have paid. At the end of the day you are most important to us, nothing else. We would not do what we do if we didn't care.

At HHI Pest and Lawn Services, we provide treatments for a wide variety of San Antonio and South Texas pests. them gone in no time. Want to reduce the tick and mosquito populations on your property? We can help with that too! With our mosquito and tick reduction services, you can rest assured that your problem will be solved. At HHI Pest and Lawn, all of our pest services are performed by experienced and highly-trained technicians and consist of the following:



At HHI Pest and Lawn, we offer free thorough inspections to help ensure that you and your family are safe from harmful and destructive pests. When you invite us inside, we inspect your home as if it were our own, checking every nook and cranny for pests that could be threatening the well-being of the people you love.



If we find pests in or around your home, you can expect nothing less than a quick and effective solution. At HHI Pest and Lawn, we don't just offer proven and tested pest treatments, but also an eco-friendly pest control option. Our treatments are designed to eliminate pests, and most importantly, to protect your family and home.

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We want nothing less for you than a pest-free home! This is why we promise that if your problem is not fully solved when we leave, we will return and finish the job at no additional cost. The well-being of you and your family matters to us. Don't fall victim to pests, give us a call at HHI Pest and Lawn and trust the company that cares!

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